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    Olfa® 30mm Stainless Glass Scraper Blade

    $5.94 each

    OLFA® 25mm Multi-Purpose Scraper

    $6.69 each

    Olfa Blades (Pack Of 10)

    $7.05 each

    Olfa Ultramax Black Olfa Hd Blade (10x)

    $7.57 each

    OLFA® 60mm Multi-Purpose Scraper

    $7.69 each

    OLFA® 18mm Super Heavy-duty Black Snap-off blades

    Starting at 7.99$ CAD

    Olfa 9005 Snap Hook Blades 4 Edge Blades LH-20B (5x)

    $8.27 each

    OLFA® 25mm Super Heavy-duty Black Snap-off blades

    Starting at 8.59$ CAD

    OLFA® 45mm Rotary Blade

    Starting at 8.69$ CAD

    Olfa 4 Dual Edge Scraper Blade (10x)

    $8.86 each

    Olfa Knife Model L5

    $9.14 each

    Olfa Knife Model L1

    $9.38 each

    Olfa Knife Model 2

    $11.15 each

    OLFA® Self-retracting Safety Knife

    $11.49 each

    Olfa Auto-Lock Knife

    $11.85 each

    OLFA® Concealed Blade Safety Knife

    $12.29 each

    Olfa 5011 Knife Model OL

    $12.83 each

    Olfa 5006 Knife H1

    $14.80 each

    Olfa XH-1 Knife

    $15.65 each

    Olfa® Mini Glass Scraper

    $18.34 each

    Olfa 9042 Extended Length Utility Knife

    $20.97 each

    Olfa Blades For H1 (Pack of 20)

    $25.97 each

    OLFA® 18mm Fiberglass-reinforced Utility Knife combo pack

    $26.43 each

    OLFA® 18mm Heavy-duty Snap-off blades

    Starting at 27.09$ CAD

    Olfa 5021 Knife Proload

    $27.30 each

    Olfa Snap Off Blades For Olfa Knives (Pack of 50)

    $27.48 each

    OLFA® Membrane Cutter

    $27.99 each

    OLFA® 7-in Stainless Steel Serrated Edge Scissors

    $31.09 each

    Olfa Ultra Sharp Black Olfa Blade (Pack of 50)

    $31.31 each

    Olfa® 18mm Heavy-Duty Aluminum Utility Knife - Ratchet lock

    $35.78 each