Frequently asked questions

  • Transaction Safety

    • FloorBox uses a Stripe payment service. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most rigorous level of certification in the payment industry

    • All of the information you submit on this website is processed through an encryption system called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When you visit a secure page, your browser will display a message indicating that the document you have requested is secure and that the information you submit on that page is encrypted to ensure its confidentiality; the address of that page will begin with 'HTTPS'.

    • When purchasing online, the payment page is sent to Stripe's verification service, so FloorBox Inc. does not hold the submitted banking information in their systems.

    • Even though we employ industry-standard means to protect our website and your personal information, you should remain vigilant with your personal information at all times. The measures we implement are appropriate to the type of information we collect.

    • While we take every measure to ensure your digital security, we cannot guarantee that your browser is as secure, so we encourage you to be careful when browsing the web.

    • For more information on privacy, visit The FloorBox Inc.'s privacy policy.

  • Site features (3)

    • You’re having a hard time using the website?

      Try deleting the cookies to determine if that solves the problem. Although every browser is different, you usually need to go to the settings, privacy, and security section, and then erase your browsing data.

    • I can't log in to my account. What should I do?

      If you are unable to log in, close your browser and try again, if it still doesn't work, you can send an email to and we can assist you.

    • How to order samples?

      Since we are based online, we understand your need to see and touch your future floor, which is why we offer a sample service. The majority of our floors are sampled, these can be identified by the yellow button in the right-hand corner. If this icon does not appear, it means that samples are temporarily out of stock for that item or that we did not have the chance to sample that product. Ask an agent in the online chat for suggestions and we will gladly help you select a product that interests you.

  • General questions (8)

    • Where are you located?

      We are a Canadian company, based 100% online. Our head office is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec and we have warehouses across Canada from which our orders are shipped.

    • How do I know if FloorBox has received my order?

      Upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. This means that your payment has been received and that we have received your order. You will then receive a second email to inform you of the status of your order.

    • Is the confirmation email considered an official receipt?

      No, the order confirmation informs you that the order has been received, an official invoice will be available in your account and emailed to you when your items have been shipped or picked up at one of our pick-up locations.

    • Can I place an order from a mobile device?

      Absolutely, our site is available in mobile version and all functions remain the same!

    • Where do you source your products?

      We have established trustworthy relationships with several suppliers who are all based in Canada. We, therefore, have access to a network of over 100 warehouses across the country from which we dispatch our shipments.

    • Do you provide plan evaluation and material estimates?

      Although we have accessible experts, we remain an online-based company. As such, it is not possible for our experts to travel to your location and we cannot vouch for the measurements. We encourage you to provide accurate measurements by a professional and we can provide what you need.

    • How do I request that you close my account?

      Write us at and we will proceed with the complete closure of your account.

    • How do I request the erasure of my personal information?

      Write us at and we will proceed with the complete closure of your account and erasure of your personal information.

  • Sales (7)

    • Payment, pricing policy and promotion

      While every effort has been made to maintain the prices shown, we reserve the right to correct prices when necessary and to substitute or discontinue any item that is no longer available. We reserve the right to correct technical or display errors. The prices advertised are based on the region you are in. The price is accurate as of the date posted but is subject to change without notice.

    • Best price policy

      If you find the same product on a competitor's website at a lower price, we can match that price. The product must be available, the price must be in Canadian dollars and the shipping cost must be listed and available for your area. If the shipping cost is not posted online, you must provide a quote that includes the cost. Simply send us an email at with the link to the item or quote and we validate that it meets the criteria and proceed with the price match.

    • What payment methods are accepted?

      The following payment methods are accepted:
      - Mastercard, Visa and Amex
      - Interac Transfer or Direct Transfer (This payment method must be requested via e-mail to

    • Are taxes included in the price listed on the site?

      The price on the site does not include taxes, the total amount of taxes depends on the province in which you make your transaction. The total price including taxes will be displayed at the last step of the payment.

    • Why don't I see my discounts when I look at a product?

      The professional account offers you a customized quotation service, which means that you must email to get quoted. You will then get your contractor discount; the prices do not adjust themselves automatically. We are currently working on tools that will soon allow you to have direct access to your discounted price list.

    • How is my discount determined?

      Your discount is determined by the quantities in your order and the shipping costs associated with it. We will always offer you the best price based on this information.

    • I added a product to my cart, but I still don't see my discount. Why is that?

      In order to get your discount, you must request a quote before placing the order yourself. Simply inform the customer service of the items you want and they will give you your professional price.

  • Shipping and Delivery (12)

    • About Express delivery

      Our delivery service provides fast delivery time, unfortunately, it is not possible to select express delivery or to pay an additional fee for it. If you have specific requests regarding delivery times, please send your requests to our customer service team and they will be able to confirm if it is possible to proceed with your demand.

    • What are the delivery options?

      Option #1: In-store pickup
        By entering your postal code on the site, you will be able to validate the availability of your item at a pickup location near you. The pickup option is not available for all products at the same locations, you can rely on the city and postal code under the option to know the area of the pick-up location. The exact address will be provided in your pickup confirmation.

      Option #2: Parcel Delivery
        Your order will be shipped by Purolator or a similar carrier. The order will generally be shipped within 24 hours of placing the order. Your tracking number will be emailed to you once the order has been shipped.

      Option #3: Schedule Delivery
        Your order will be shipped using a specialized carrier for heavy and bulky items. When your order is ready, we will contact you to schedule the exact delivery date. You must be present on-site for this type of delivery.

    • How long will it take to ship my order?

      The order will usually be shipped within 24 hours after the order is confirmed.

    • What are the shipping costs?

      Our shipping costs are as follows:

      Parcel Delivery - Small parcel
        Cost: $9.99 or Free on orders over $100
      *Additional charges may apply on some oversized items, if applicable, the cost will be displayed on the product page.

      Scheduled Delivery
        Costs: Delivery costs vary depending on the distance between your location and the warehouse that stocks the items in your order. To find out the shipping cost, please enter your postal code on the product page or request a quote via to obtain the full shipping cost.

      All pick-ups are free of charge.

    • Are there any shipping restrictions?

      It is not possible to ship to a P.O. box, it is necessary to enter a complete address. It is your responsibility to ensure that specialized carriers have access to your garage or driveway at the time of delivery.

    • Where do you ship from?

      As an online-based company, we have a partnership with a multitude of suppliers, all based in Canada. We have access to a network of over 100 warehouses across the country from which we ship. We always select the warehouse closest to you for your shipment. It is possible that your order is split and shipped from several warehouses, depending on the availability of the items.

    • What do I do if my package does not arrive when it is supposed to?

      If your delivery is delayed or if delivery delays apply, you can contact customer service to have a close follow-up of the delivery. You can contact us at 1-888-456-3269 or send an email to with your order number and a short description of the problem.

    • How do I track my order?

      Your order information is available on the Track My Order page in your account. If the information you are looking for is not there, you can contact customer service directly and they will give you an accurate status of your order. You can contact them at 1-888-456-3269, via online chat or send an email to with your order number and a short description of the problem.

    • What happens if the product I ordered is out of stock?

      We try to keep the inventory status as accurate as possible, however, it is possible that the item you ordered is out of stock. In this case, you will be contacted promptly and given the option of proceeding with the order and waiting for it to be returned to inventory or proceeding with the cancellation and full refund of the order. We will never proceed without notifying you.

    • Does delivery require a signature?

      Orders for small and oversized packages are delivered to your door with no signature required. Orders for large and heavy items delivered by a specialized carrier require your presence and a signature at the time of delivery.

    • What if I want a signature delivery?

      For a delivery with a signature required, you must select the option for scheduled delivery, we will contact you before proceeding with the delivery and a specialized carrier will take care of your order. You must be on site for this type of delivery and proof of delivery will be required.

    • Can I have the items delivered to my home?

      Absolutely, we offer home delivery across Canada! We even offer delivery to your construction site or workplace.

  • Returns and refunds (8)

    • Can I cancel my order?

      It is possible to cancel an order under certain conditions. If the order is not considered a special order and if the order has not been shipped, we can proceed with the cancellation. You must contact us promptly if you wish to cancel your order so that we can act immediately.

    • Canceling items or orders

      It is possible to cancel the order under certain conditions. If the order is not considered a special order and if the order has not been shipped, we can proceed to the cancellation. You must contact us promptly if you wish to cancel your order so that we can proceed immediately.

    • Is shipping refundable?

      No. When returning an order, the original shipping charge is non-refundable since the order was delivered initially and this charge was applied to the original shipment.

    • What are the return costs?

      For tools & accessories, a $10.00 shipping fee + a 20% restocking fee will be charged. The return fees will be deducted from your total refund.
      For Flooring and other pallet orders, a 20% restocking fee in addition to the shipping costs associated with the return will be deducted from the total refund amount. Pickup and transportation of the order will be arranged by FloorBox.

    • Return procedure

      In order to proceed with a return, you must first become aware of our return policy and validate that your request is eligible. Then, simply send an email to customer service with your order number, pictures of your items, and the reason for the return and we will open the request.

    • Return follow-up

      Return times are approximately 2-3 weeks, if you would like to have the status of your return request, you can send a message to and they will give you a status update.

    • Refund Status

      Once the return is completed at the warehouse, we will process the return and verify the condition of the items. If everything is in good condition, we will proceed with the refund on the original payment method. The amount of the refund will reflect the fees agreed upon at the beginning of the return.

    • Non-returnable items

      Special orders cannot be returned, refunded, or canceled. You will be informed of this policy before proceeding with the order and we request your authorization. Once this policy is accepted, the order will be placed.

      Heating Wires and Thermostats:
      In order to be eligible for a return, it is necessary that the seal closing the box on these products is not broken in order to obtain a refund. In addition, the heating cables and thermostats must be in their original packaging and shape.