SKU: BYKRCHY50GO by Biyork

Biyork Vinyl Planks HydroGen 5 Gold Coast Click Lock 7-9/16" x 48-17/32"

7" x 48" | 5 mm Thickness | 0.3 mm Wear Layer

Biyork (BYKRCHY50GO) product
Key Specifications
Format (in.)
7" x 48"
Thickness (mm)
5 mm Thickness
Wear Layer Thickness (mm)
0.3 mm Wear Layer
Installation Method
Click Lock
Core Type Detail
Stone Plastic Composite (SPC)

Additional details

Introducing our new HydroGen series floors where WaterProof is literally at its core. Whether you choose to install this in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen, HydroGen can handle anything your home throws at it. HydroGen 5 now provides an overall thickness of 5 mm, giving this floor great stability, durability and comfort with our ultra quiet, ultra silent UnderTone™ Pad. From the surface, Hydrogen was created to mimic a natural floor. Our Innovative True Touch Texture™ technology gives you the feeling of a natural floor while adding a strong protective layer for wear resistance.

  • 100% waterproof structure
  • Stability with temperature swings of -30°C to +50°C
  • 80ft x 80ft Max Install Area without Transition

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