SKU: FG196KU06 by Fuzion

Fuzion Laminate Flooring FuzGuard Kurobe 7-3/4" x 48"

12 mm Thickness | AC4 Durability | 7.75" x 48"

Fuzion (FG196KU06) color
Key Specifications
Thickness (mm)
12 mm Thickness
AC Durability Rating
AC4 Durability
Format (in.)
7.75" x 48"
Installation Method
Click Lock - I4F System / 5G
Manufacturer Color Name

Additional details

FuzGuard is a revolutionary fashion forward flooring solution completely sealed from top to bottom allowing you to enjoy your floors worry-free. 55% more stable than standard laminate core, FuzGuard is the most stable wood based flooring product in the industry today.

  • 55% more stable core than a standard laminate core and 35% more dense than traditional laminate cores.
  • Edge-to-edge non-ionic high polymer sealer for moisture resistance
  • Floorscore & CARB II Compliant
  • Packaging : 6-piece

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