SKU: DROOWH0707N by Italbec

Italbec Floor Tiles Drops Off White 7" x 7"

7" x 7" | 10 mm Thickness |PEI of 2 - Light Traffic

Italbec (DROOWH0707N) product
Key Specifications
Exact Size (in.)
7" x 7"
Thickness (mm)
10 mm Thickness
PEI Rating
PEI of 2 - Light Traffic

Additional details

Available in three colours, DROPS is a beautiful fusion of both modern and contemporary style. Available in the size 7” x 7” in a 10mm thickness. Can be used on walls and floors for both residential and light commercial traffic. Inspired by the original 15th century Venetian terrazzo, DROPS is a state-of-the-art product, with a glass aspect integrated fragments into a porcelain body, visual continuity for a perfect match with any space.

  • The tiles are glazed with standard pressed edges
  • Offers a contemporary look
  • Shower approved

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