SKU: 117013 by GCP

GCP Orcon Tools Weld Lock Seam Adhesive 8 oz

GCP Applied Technologies Inc. (117013)

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ORCON's solvent-free, environmentally safe seam adhesive is an important part of the ORCON Seaming System for direct glue-down installations. The extra strength formula permanetely locks carpet tufts in place. Comes in convenient 8oz. bottle and tapered nozzle delivers a neater installation. Anti-Microbial protection & contains UV tracer sensitive to black light. (6 per case).

  • Convenient 8 oz bottle
  • Extra strength formula permanently locks carpet tufts in place
  • Ideal for direct glue down applications
  • Anti-Microbial protection
  • Contains a UV tracer sensitive to black light
  • Residential and commercial installation stretched over cushion
  • Double stick using hot seam tape

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