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Schluter KERDI-FIX Sealing and Bonding Compound Bright White 290 ml

Schluter (KERDIFIX/BW) product

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Schluter-KERDI-FIX is a single component, waterproof sealing and bonding compound with a silane-modified polymer base. KERDI-FIX can be used to waterproof pipe and valve protrusions in the Schluter- Shower System in conjunction with the Schluter-KERDI membrane and Schluter- KERDI-BOARD. KERDI-FIX is required to bond the KERDI membrane to the stainless steel Schluter-KERDI-DRAIN bonding flange and can be used to bond KERDI to building elements such as bathtubs, window elements, and door frames. KERDIBOARD can be adhered with KERDI-FIX in various applications, such as countertops, partitions, and other building elements.

  • Suitable for bonding KERDI-BAND and KERDI waterproofing membrane to fixed building elements and BARA balcony profiles
  • Elastomeric and bonds well to most materials, including wood, stone, concrete, metal, glass, and many plastics
  • Suitable for use as a sealant or joint filling compound
  • Also suitable for sealing or filling joints

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