SKU: KMSMV235/114 by Schluter

Schluter KERDI-SEAL-MV Mixing Valve Seal with Over-Moulded Rubber Gasket 4-1/2"

Schluter (KMSMV235/114) product

Additional details

Schluter-KERDI-SEAL-PS and Schluter-KERDI-SEAL-MV are prefabricated sections of KERDI with over molded rubber gaskets that are used to seal pipe protrusions through the KERDI waterproofing membrane (e.g. at showerheads and tub spouts) and protect moisture-sensitive backing panels at the mixing valve.

  • Preformed KERDI membrane gaskets
  • Ensures a complete watertightness preventing infiltrations and moulds
  • 4 mil thickness prevents corner bumps
  • Protects exposed faces of moisture sensitive surfaces
  • Seals pipe penetrations tightly
  • Part of the Schluter shower system family of products

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