SKU: HM090202UA by Lauzon Expert

Lauzon Expert Hardwood Decor Natural Hard Maple Select and Better Ultra-Matte 4-1/4" - 3/4"

Maple | 4-1/4 " Width | Ultra-Matte

Lauzon Expert (HM090202UA) product
Key Specifications
Width (inches in fraction)
4-1/4" Width
Surface Texture

Additional details

Building on the refinement of the exclusive wood grade, the Décor series offers floors with a trendy and sophisticated look, and are available in a palette of natural tones with an ultra-matt finish.

  • Appearance and durability: Superior
  • Gloss wear resistance and stain resistance: Superior
  • Easy to maintain and to repair: Superior
  • Formaldehyde, Solvent & Water: No added formaldehyde

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